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After 18 years...
cantrell md is closing.



We started as the first medical spa in Oviedo in 2005.
As Med Spa Plus (meaning Med Spa Plus Doctor), I’ve also been diagnosing and treating many of your ailments for the last 18 years. Why? I can’t help myself.
So, I am looking at opportunities to do even more hands-on clinical medicine, because, as always, I feel your health is the most important thing! 

1809 E. Broadway St. #190
Oviedo, Florida 32765

Dr Cantrell new back 6.14.18.jpg

Looking for future treatments?
It may be difficult to find a physician to actually do your treatment. Many physician practices delegate procedures to non-physicians. If this concerns you, ask questions.

To avoid clinics that advertise what they do not offer, refer to physician finders from the manufacturer.

For instance, if you are a laser patient, you need to find our laser. Use Cynosure’s “provider” finder to locate 2 products: Check the Apogee and Apogee +.  

Be wary of practices treating areas below the neck any sooner than 8-12 weeks. The hair cycle is longer in these areas. (Treating the face and/or neck should be done every 4-6 weeks.)
We also used a Zimmer chiller. Ask if they use this device for cooling.

Also, for Obagi, Allergan, or Galderma products, go to their respective physician finders. 

Thank you,
Dr. Cantrell

Dr. Diane Cantrell, M.D.

Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Specialist

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