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We value each and every patient, and love to hear that they value us as well! 

Lips at Cantrell MD
Melissa R.
"I LOVE my Lips!"

I always wanted to enhance my lips but was afraid because of what my friend had experienced elsewhere with a brand new injector - who was not a medical doctor.

Dr. Cantrell made this the most comfortable experience! She not only used a topical, but she did a dental block so I never felt any discomfort! She is such an amazing doctor. I won’t trust anyone else to inject me. She’s the absolute best!


Smiling Redhead
Chic Woman
Woman in Grey Sweater
Kris B.
" my Obagi!"

“I think I look totally fresher and my skin feels tighter, I’m very

happy with my results! And I feel confident that I am getting

authentic Obagi when I buy from Dr. Cantrell's office. Beware,

there are  impostor products out there!" 


Joyce L.
"I am so happy I found you!"

“Dr. Cantrell is always available for skin care advice. her staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! I'm so glad my friend recommended me to Cantrell MD!"


Sally J. 
"I can wear shorts again!"

"Finally, after years of covering up and wearing pants in the heat of summer, I can finally wear shorts again! I love my 'new' legs- and the best part, they are not as sore and achy!"


Linda L. 
"Love my results!"

""I've been going to Dr. Cantrell for years now and love my results! She is very knowledgeable and always answers my multiple questions. The new staff has made it even better, they are super friendly and helpful!"


Christina W. 
"I feel confident with these natural results!"

"I'm very pleased with the results. The look is very natural and the onset of the enhancement was very gradual so nobody really noticed I'd had “work done”. Love the look, love the result..


Are you ready for your own success story? 

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