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For the BODY:

Doctor Supervised Weight Loss With


(As in OzempicR, WegovyR)


Did you know?

Checking Weight

We’ve been in Oviedo since 2005!

In 2011, I offered weight loss programs using GLP-1 agonists. (Similar to Semaglutide)

Yes, it worked!

And, it’s much better now because this is a once-a-week injection.


(We are usually years ahead of the curve, offering treatments that work YEARS before you hear about them in the news or on social media!)


As always, I’m here every step of the way to guide you to your healthy goal.


  1.  LOSE FAT

  2.  Keep Lean Muscle.

  3.  Regain your health.


Part of our success in FAT LOSS is one-on-one, in-person appointments with a Physician. There’s no substitute for in-person visits to get great results. After you “get the hang of it,” if you wish, you may come in less often, but I still want to see you get to your goal.

Am I a good candidate?

As of 2018, about 72% of adults were overweight or obese. Post-pandemic, we’ve only gotten fatter, unfortunately. So, statistically, you’re a candidate. Even if you are not overweight, if your fat percent is too high, you can get treatment!



  • Type I Diabetes Mellitus,

  • Pregnancy,

  • Breastfeeding,

  • History of Thyroid Cancer


Consultations about Semaglutide are Complimentary.


Initial Evaluation costs $100 and includes:

  • An abbreviated Physical Exam,

  • Body composition analysis

  • Lab orders

  • Dietary Guidelines

  • …And a follow up visit to review your labs.


You may start on the first Weeks 1-6 of Semaglutide either by teaching you how to administer Semaglutide or doing it for you.

(It’s not a big deal.)



On all Semaglutide Programs:

  • Weekly Follow up visits after initial visit (15-20 minutes)

  • We'll address your questions or concerns

  • Vital signs check

  • Analyze your body composition (to see how much fat you’ve lost)

  • And, if you wish, we can administer your dose.

  • If you do it virtually, we can address only your questions and concerns.


Curious about your labs? Future labs are available a la carte, priced from $150 - $199


pricing schedule:

Semaglutide Weeks 1-6: $395

Semaglutide Weeks: 7-15: $595

Semaglutide Weeks: 16-19: $449

Semaglutide Weeks: 20+ Additional weeks and doses, including costs, will depend on patient’s progress.


Please Note: Prices are subject to availability, and may change.


Contact us today for your FREE consultation. 

All procedures done by Board Certified Dr. Cantrell, MD.

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