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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

"Reduce unwanted hair with our state-of-the-art laser technology,

the number one choice for permanent hair reduction."


Fewer treatments, less pain, better results and done by a Board Certified Physician!


Our Nd:YAG laser and our Alexandrite laser provide a comprehensive hair removal system that reduces unwanted hair while maintaining client comfort.

At Cantrell MD we utilize two different lasers to safely treat the lightest to the darkest of skin tones. The Nd:YAG laser has proven to be 3.5 times as effective in the reduction of unwanted hair than IPL in the first two treatments..

  • Because we use an actual laser (not IPL)

  • Because we use 2 lasers and customize for every color skin

  • Because we treat all colors of skin

  • Because Dr. Cantrell does every treatment

  • Because we use the same lasers the Kardashians used (fun fact)

  • Because we've been doing it since 2005 (17 years)

  • Because if you buy a package, additional treatments are ALWAYS 50% off

Why Do OUR Laser Hair Removal?

Cantrell MD Finance

special Pricing
on laser hair removal 
packages of 6 treatments

When you buy a package of 6 treatments
for an area, any additional treatments for that area are 50% off.

We can provide no interest, in-house financing

for qualified patients.
Contact us for more information!

Here's Why Dr. Cantrell 

is Your Best Option for Laser Hair Removal:


Dr. Cantrell has done each and every laser hair removal treatment since she opened in 2005.


One Physician:

Rather than a nameless stream of “providers” who can’t remember your name (and you won’t remember theirs), or some off-site physician you’ve never met,

Dr. Cantrell performs your treatment every time.



(See #1 Above) YOUR safety is our #1 concern. A conservative,thoughtful approach is best. There is no hurried, hasty appointment where details can be ignored. If that’s your experience where you are being treated,come to Cantrell MD. Dr. Cantrell wants to protect you from discomfort and respect you, your skin and your unique circumstances.


Affordability and Value:

No membership fees, better results in fewer sessions and more comfortable! We offer more for less. Just do the math. If you feel that Laser Hair Removal at Cantrell M.D. is for you,

please click here or below to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Cantrell. 

Cantrell MD Laser Hair Removal

Why choose Cantrell MD? 

Our Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers are the best. Find out more...

1.. Laser Hair Removal permanently removes ALL of my unwanted hair.

Myth: Unfortunately, no hair removal treatment including laser hair removal can prevent dormant  hair follicles from forming and growing in the future. Each dime-sized area of skin has potentially thousands of dormant follicles that may sprout in the future. Fortunately, with laser hair removal, the vast majority of patients achieve incredible permanent hair reduction. After only 5 sessions about 90% of the hair is gone. What remains is fewer, finer, lighter and softer hair. Dr. Cantrell’s treatments are so effective that most patients notice an improvement after only 1 treatment!


2.. Laser Hair Removal won’t work on my blonde or red hair.

Myth: Regardless of your hair’s color, the color of the root determines how effective the laser will be. If the roots are white or very blonde you may not be a great candidate. However, if only the dark hairs bother you, you still may be a very good candidate.


3. I have darker skin, so lasers can affect my skin's pigment.

FACT: You need to protect the treated areas from sun exposure just before and just after any laser hair treatment to avoid skin discoloration. Dr. Cantrell can help you with that!


4. All I need is 1 treatment.

Myth: Typically 5 to 6 treatments, spaced a few weeks apart, should eliminate hair to your satisfaction. A few people desire occasional touch-up treatments for long-term maintenance.


5. Laser Hair Removal is very painful!


Myth: Laser hair removal using a true laser (not an IPL) should feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin. In her practice, Dr. Cantrell uses a desensitizing cream and a medical grade cooling device to make it even more comfortable!


6. Laser Hair Removal is mainly for the bikini area.

Myth: Although the bikini area is popular, generally, if you can wax it, it can be treated with the laser. Dr. Cantrell has treated men, women and teenagers in many areas of the body, including the brows, nose, ears, and face. If you are curious, please ask!  


7. My teenager is too young to be treated.

It Depends: If you are wondering if your teen can be treated, please schedule a free consultation. Sometimes we do advise waiting on a case-by-case basis. However, if we advise you that your teen CAN be treated, you can be confident knowing that a Board-Certified Physician, like Dr. Cantrell,  performs the treatment.


8. Some lasers are better than others.

FACT: If you are treated with the “wrong” laser, you may develop hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration). In fact, you need both the correct laser and the optimal settings to achieve the best results. Dr. Cantrell uses the Gold Standard for laser hair removal, the Cynosure Apogee Elite. She uses two true lasers, an Alexandrite and a 1064nm Nd:YAG laser. The Nd:YAG laser is best for darker skin types.


9. The best deal is Laser Hair Removal with a lifetime guarantee or membership.

Myth: Unfortunately, that sounds too good to be true and it isn’t true. Most “guarantees” are not worth the paper they are written on. Some become void in many everyday situations, such as a missed appointment or if a patient has hormonal changes that cause excessive hair growth.

Nothing in medicine can be guaranteed 100%, as every person is a unique individual with unique biology. Because the future sprouting of dormant hair follicles cannot be predicted or controlled by ANY type of hair removal, you may need an occasional touch-up treatment.


Another sneaky way to offer a “guarantee” is to greatly inflate the price for a package of treatments. This price will be extremely high to offset the multiple, multiple times you need to be treated by cheaper, inferior equipment. There are also incredible profits to be made by financing your hair removal using tiny, painless monthly fees….and you will be making payments for years to come. Like gym memberships, membership fees are another way to give the establishment a constant income stream - even when you don’t feel like coming in. Imagine what it’s like to pay a membership fee when you want to come in, but they can’t fit you in for the foreseeable future.


10. Laser Hair Removal, like shaving, can make more hair grow.


Myth: This is just not possible, as the laser damages the hair follicle so regrowth cannot occur. However, as we age and grow, our bodies change too. Hair can stop growing in some areas, and start growing in others. While our lasers can stop hair follicles from growing hair, no laser can stop new hair follicles from emerging. This is why most people come back for occasional touch-ups. 


Our priority is your health, comfort and safety.

Although we hope you choose us for your treatment, please make sure whomever you see is a Board Certified Medical Doctor like Dr. Cantrell.

Your health and well-being is worth it!

Free Confidential Consultation

Laser Hair Removal: Hype or Hope? 

Let's explore some myths vs. facts.

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